Sultanate of Oman is Celebrating 50th National Day | Mian National Trading

Sultanate of Oman is Celebrating the 50th National Day anniversary on November 18 2020, under the wise leadership of HM Sultan Haitham Bin Tarik. This year’s celebration is impinged by sentiments of sour sorrow for the loss of Father of Omani renaissance, the late HM Sultan Qaboos Bin Said Bin Taimour, who sculpted this Arabian edifice from scratch, his vigilant eye not missing a flaw in any side of the monument.

History of National Day in Oman

The Portuguese first arrived in the country in the early 1500s and used the now capital of Muscat as a fortified port to protect their trade routes to India. Unhappy with a Portuguese presence that exploited Oman, the Al-Ya’ribi clan agreed a treaty with the British East India Company to allow the British to have rights in their ports, in a rebuke of the Portuguese government. On November 18, 1650, Imam Sultan bin Saif led a rebellion that expelled the Portuguese from Oman and its ports. This made Oman is the oldest independent state in the Arab world to ever exist.


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