nouvag skin grafting

Nouvag Skin Grafting

TCM 3000 BL
Motor system for reconstructive surgery

The TCM 3000 BL is a small, practical motor system for drilling, sawing and grinding as well as for
skin grafting with the Dermatomes. Its simple, intuitive operation is the outstanding feature of
this device.



for skin grafting and burns care

The Dermatomes are driven by a powerful electronic motor, controlled by our control units, such as the practical TCM 3000 BL or the more extensive HighSurg 30.

Dermatomes 14 000 rpm
in 4 different widths

The specific dermatome with the corresponding width is choosen, depending on the body site, where the skin transplant must be taken from.
The blades can be uncovered and replaced without tools only by loosening the two screws attached above. The thickness of the skin sample, between 0.05 and 1.00 mm, is adjusted with the thumbwheel.
The variable base plates allow narrower skin sections to be gathered with a broad dermatome without the need for multiple Dermatomes.


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