Natural Reducing

Contain a range of herbal extracts with anti-cellulite actions, draining intercellular space and accelerating lipolysis.

Horsetail, Ausculus Hippocastanum and Melilotus have far ranging benefits in stimulating lipolysis (release of fat from cells), improving lymphatic drainage, protecting capillaries and blood vessels, and accelerating the production of collagen with a skin firming action. They help reduce capillary fragility, and therefore help to prevent leakage of fluids into surrounding tissues, which can cause swelling.

Artichoke provides a cleansing action and stimulates the lymphatic drainage system.

Ivy also has a detoxifying capacity with peripheral vasodilator action, an anti-oedema effect and draining action of the products of lipolysis.


Indications Cellulite, Oedema, Localised adiposity
Presentation 10 x 5 ml ampoule + applicator
Active nutrients Horsetail, Ausculus Hippocastanum, Melilotus, Artichoke, Ivy
Type Sterile solution


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