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  • Strong power: 5,000 rpm
  • Improved durability and decreased heat buildup with its high technology motor and controller
  • High durability because of its journal bearing system
  • Improved operation management because of its handpiece with a built-in fat outlet
  • Fat outlet is separated for easy sterilization and reuse. This can be visually confirmed through the silicone outlet
  • Strong and solid duralumin-based console and handpiece case
  • Has an ultra-low noise system because of its internally equipped triple soundproof design
  • Self-locking system prevents cable disconnection when it is being used
  • Triple safety system with its POWER SUPPLY, AMP CONTROL, and second fuse
  • The specially plated exterior color of the console and handpiece maintains its original color despite long-term use
  • One-touch button makes the effortless change of CONTINUE / FOOT SWITCH possible
  • Easy control of strength with the jog dial
  • Easy to confirm functions in real time using the power on the LED display window

lipo slim Maria Trading UAE


  • Reciprocation : Max 5,000rpm
  • Stroke : 2.5mm



  • Handpiece
  • Lipo-Cable
  • Foot Switch
  • Power Cord


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