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Hydra Beauty 2

  • hydrabeauty2
  • hydrabeauty2

Hydra Beauty 2 is an "Advanced Skin Care System" that protects the beauty of natural and healthy skin with customized treatments(exfoliation, pore, acne removal/brightening/moisturizing) for various skin concerns even for sensitive skin.

Hydra Beauty 2 skin care system effectively removes skin waste, exfoliates, and supplies nutrients using a compact handpiece that exclusively designed for hydra beauty 2.

The advantages of Hydra Beauty 2 Treatment

      • Exfoliating your skin
      • Pore cleansing
      • Hydrating and nourishing the skin
      • Reduce wrinkles
      • Reduce hyperpigmentation
      • Rejuvenate your skin
      • Immediate results
      • No downtime
      • A safe and effective treatment
      • light therapy for healthy-looking skin                              

Aqua Peeling  : Hydra Beauty’s exclusive solution with radical tip effectively dissolve dead skin waste, sebum , impurities and blackheads.

Diamond Peeling: Exfoliates dead skin waste and impurities by vacuum pressure and maximizes the solution absorption resulting in smoother skin.

Electroporation : Electroporation technology uses high voltage electric pulses to temporarily open holes in the skin and effectively allows penetration of active ingredients, safe and effective by penetrating various solutions into the dermis without damaging the skin cells.


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