Picolor – Dual Pulsed Q-Switch Nd:YAG Laser

Picolor is a Picoseconds system intended to treat skin conditions with high pulse energy and extremely short pulse duration in the range of 900 pico – 2000 pico. Unlike Nanosecond system which is characterized by longer pulse duration, increasing the risk of high & non-specific thermal effects , therefore increasing the risk of damaging surrounding tissues. Picolor is capable for operating at 532 nm & 1064 nm wavelengths with proven performance offering diversity of all-color tattoo removal with a high degree of safety for every patient. Photo – acoustic waves in Picolor precisely shutter the pigments and tattoo ink into tiny particles that are easily eliminated by the body.

Laser Assisted Liposuction Apparatus (LALA)

Biostimulation low level laser therapy unit. LALA works with point probes, scanning applicators and cluster laser applicator.

H1 Vascular Lesion Therapy

H1 Diode Laser 980 nm is a perfect addition to physician’s vascular practice. The diode laser 980 nm expands vascular treatment options with exceptional results in the Vascular Medicine. Features of H1 diode laser 980 nm: No bleeding, non-invasive 2. No burning, redness or scar 4. Fast results 5. Accurate treatment 6. Adjustable power (0.1-15 W ) . 7. Portable and compact machine .

Beauty Cleanser

The radio waves penetrate the soft tissues and help in excision of skin lesions with minimal heating to the target tissue and minimal collateral damage. For this reason, it is preferred over other machines as the tip of the electrode is the only part that comes in contact with the tissue for a very short time. Also, the diameter of electrode is small and therefore, the electrode-tissue interface is minimized. This results in minimal scarring and minimal downtime improving the overall appearance.