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BABY LIFT is a specially woven 3D mesh scaffold made from PP material. Specially designed mesh scaffold permitted for effective tissue adhesion, collagen formation, tissue regeneration, and strong tensile strength.


TESSLIFT 160 is 3D non-absorbable series. The mesh technology promotes volumetric suspension and its high diversification provides an effective outcome on facial and body lifting


TESSLIFT 020 is a 2D mesh scaffold made from polypropylene material. The mesh segment of the central part of the suture promotes the lifting effects of specific target areas.


ZISHÉL ROSE TOUCH® is indicated to help you gain your ideal smile and add volume to your lips. Lip-augmentation to have your fruitful lip and smoothing out your wrinkles around the lips for your more natural and younger smile.


ZISHÉL ROSE MILD® is indicated to help you smooth your wrinkles around the nasolabial folds. The wrinkles of various degrees are treated. Lip-augmentation may be achieved to give extra volume.  Smoothing out the lines and wrinkles from nose to mouth provides you a more soft and young look.

Core Sculpt

The Core Sculpt is a device that guides people to maintain a healthy body for life through the process of sculpting people's bodies beautifully into muscles. The strong pulsed magnetic field of this core sculpt is instantaneously transmitted to a conductor that is easily transmitted by a magnetic field such as the human body, resulting in an eddy current. These induced biocurrents affect each tissue of the human body by electrophysiological mechanisms, and these electrophysiological effects appear in sensory nerves, blood vessels, bone tissues, etc. The Magnetic field is not only harmless to the human body but also penetrates deep into the human body, activates cells, and affects nerves and muscle tissue, resulting in excellent treatment results