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MEDICAL RF system is a flexible and easy-to-use RF that promotes skin blemish reduction within few sessions.It’s a valid alternative to the surgical skin rejuvenation methods for skin aging flaws. Medical RF System targets face and body skin atony, wrinkles and cellulite in presence of water retention.


ADD VOLUME AND CONTOUR YOUR BODY FORMS IN A SAFE AND EFFECTIVE METHOD ZISHÉL ROSE GLAM® is indicated for temporary penis enlargement and other body contouring modules Each area is added with volume for one to gain the more defined and sharp body forms.

Derma Roller

High Quality Titanium Micro Needle Roller System (RoHS CE Approved) Packing With Sealing Sterilization Packaging It is a supplemental beauty tool that is ideal for non-surgical treatment of various skin conditions such as aging (wrinkles,stretching), scarring (acne, surgical), and hyperpigmentation. The MT Needle roller is the most popular needle roller in professinoal clinics,with an extended life span and moreeffective tratment

4 In 1 Derma Roller

4 in 1 Derma Roller Set 0.5mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm Titanium Micro Needles With Travel Case 4 In 1 Derma Roller Micro-Needling Skin Care System is a Roller tool to stimulate collagen under the skin and has 3 sizes can be changed according to your need. - size 0.5 for the eye and fine lines 300 stitches - size 1.0 for the face and scars of acne and for the youth and lightening the skin color and wrinkles 720 stitches - 1.5 size of the body and cracks and scars and cellulite 1200 needle - Part IV is a small stand or stand to put sterilization solution for sterilization to maintain the unity of needles From touching any solid part with a small face mask presented as a present by us - with a small brooch to explain how to use, disassemble and train in English - with a folder for the roller name tag DERMA ROLLER SYSTEMBrand : Derma RollerType : Facial Tools

Ice Roller

Ice Roller for Face and Body Massage at Home or Professional Use ICE Roller is safe,non-invasive and 100% natural skin care,without wet melting of ice and aggressive cold,with no side effects.Just 2-3 minutes per day of ice massage on face and neck.It prevents wrinkle formation and lifts your face.You will look and feel beautiful and confident in yourself again and always!It is a MUST HAVE item at home for minor injury,burn and insect bites without making mess with melted ice.It minimizes discomforts,irritation,and redness.Use Ice Roller on your eyes when you feel fatigue.It refreshes.Roll over on any part of your body for instant pain relief.After shaving,using Ice Roller will calm and soothe your skin.


SureLase™ Cost effective, advanced “PureBeam™” Technology CO2 Laser System with precise delivery of TEMoo mode laser energy through the durable “SureGuide™” fiber cable, sterilizable SureTouch™ universal handpiece and low cost disposable, malleable SureProbe™ cannulae and flexible “SureLight™” fibers.


Lipo1060 is a body-slimming equipment using a 1060nm laser, enabling non-invasive procedures without pain. If the fat layer is selectively heated using a 1060nm-laser, the fat cells, which are sensitive to the temperature range of 42~47℃ or higher, die naturally, so that only fat cells are eliminated while the skin is protected.


ZISHÉL ROSE TOUCH® is indicated to help you gain your ideal smile and add volume to your lips. Lip-augmentation to have your fruitful lip and smoothing out your wrinkles around the lips for your more natural and younger smile.


ZISHÉL ROSE MILD® is indicated to help you smooth your wrinkles around the nasolabial folds. The wrinkles of various degrees are treated. Lip-augmentation may be achieved to give extra volume.  Smoothing out the lines and wrinkles from nose to mouth provides you a more soft and young look.

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