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Hair Re-Growth System

Hair Re-Growth System is an integrated system that utilizes Diode low level laser beam directly on the affected areas of the scalp with less hair. Laser beam at a wavelength 650nm penetrates into the roots of the hair follicles, activating weak hair follicle cells, improving vascularization and subsequently enhancing the blood circulation surrounding hair follicles, providing more oxygen, nutrients, vitamins and basic elements to stop hair falling and start hair re-growth. The low level laser beams are non-invasive, painless and deliver just the right energy directly to the scalp.


Dermalight is our latest Photodynamic Therapy device which use RGB LED light source for its functioning. After absorbing the energy of light composed of red, blue, yellow and green the ATP in the skin was stimu­lated and the skin metabolism and blood circulation will be accelerated and new collagen will be formed. As a result it will enhance the skin elasticity, improve the skin tone, anti-ageing and results in the total skin rejuvenation.


Exosome hair loss therapy 2,5mL / Syringe scalp nutrition strengthen scalp barrier scalp cells proliferation wound healing anti-itching anti-inflamation anti-oxydant moisture and elasticity and prevent dryness hair loss prevention