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Lipo Cart

Nouvag Lipo Cart The Lipo Cart is a complete and powerful Liposuction cart for tumescent assisted liposuction. The Lipo Cart unites all highquality equipment with simple and easy operation at highest flexibility. Power Liposuction Infiltration Vacuum The Lipo Cart represents our fine solution as a complete power assisted system for Liposuction.

3-MAX Bodyshaping

How does it work? 3-MAX combines Ultra-Cavitation, Stable Multi-Polar & Bi-Polar RF and Vacuum technologies. It is designed to boost body contouring and fat & cellulite reduction, The Bi-polar applicator is specially designed for eye & neck lifting. This multi purposed device can satisfy the patients’ needs with dynamic and powerful vibration effects.

CARBO 5000

Indications : – Cellulite reduction – Localized fat & weight reduction without liposuction – Liposuction complementary solution to clear pending irregularities – Some erection problems due to vascular disorders – Stretch marks-Acne scars & Skin laxit


Coolshaping System Integrated Technology by Cryo, Vacuum and LED Synergistically utilizing Cooling lipolysis, Vacuum and LED to reduce fat cells and breaking down the fat.

Duet RF

Duet RF is performing Fractional RF system and Thermal RF system in combination or separately. It is a skincare system which is effective to treat skin lesions as it is noninvasive and delivers RF energy deep into the dermal layer

Laser Assisted Liposuction Apparatus (LALA)

Biostimulation low level laser therapy unit. LALA works with point probes, scanning applicators and cluster laser applicator.

H1 Vascular Lesion Therapy

H1 Diode Laser 980 nm is a perfect addition to physician’s vascular practice. The diode laser 980 nm expands vascular treatment options with exceptional results in the Vascular Medicine. Features of H1 diode laser 980 nm: No bleeding, non-invasive 2. No burning, redness or scar 4. Fast results 5. Accurate treatment 6. Adjustable power (0.1-15 W ) . 7. Portable and compact machine .