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Noble Shape

Noble Shape is a combinational device that outputs three technologies, Low Level Laser, Amplitude Modulated Middle Frequency and Radio Frequency at the same time while giving a strong Body-Slimming effect. Noble Shape is a solution for both fat and cellulite.


Microson Pen is a facial lifting device using high intensity focused ultrasound energy .Cartridges for each depth of skin such as SMAS, subdermal and dermal layers are provided which you can expect 3D facial lifting effect. Additionally, while most of the HIFU devices use line type, our Microson Pen uses rubbing type which enables more precise treatment by continuously irradiating HIFU energy at one point.

Microson Plus

Unique &effective aesthetic device build on ultrasound technology to deliver facial-lifting. Th microson plus is HIFU(High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) system for facial lifting by producing focal thermal coagulation points(TCPs) at deep dermis and superficial musculoaponeurotic system(SMAS). microson plus is non-invasive, on surgical lifting system providing facial lifting effect without superficial damages.

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