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Our Services

  • Productions & Distributions

We are dealers of many International brands like Eunsung, Triworks, Nouvag and so on. We have a dedicated and highly professional sales department. We work closely with the client’s requirements and give the appropriate solution to them.

We are here in the industries for year’s with a concrete base in Aesthetics and medical Industry.

We have our own manufacturing unit where many advanced machines like Crown Plus, Crown, HRGS and many others got introduced in the modern aesthetic world. We are continuously into the production and distribution of aesthetics & medical products in the market.

We deal with Aesthetic Products like,

  • Skin Care Products
  • Aesthetic Fillers
  • Mesotherapy Products
  • Laser Liposuction
  • Aesthetic Devices
  • Aesthetic PRP
  • Skin Rollers
  • HydraBeauty Solutions
  • Aesthetic Solutions

We also have Aesthetic machines and laser machines used for,

  • Skin Care
  • Facial Care
  • Personal self-use Aesthetic devices
  • Laser Machines
  • Slimming Machines
  • Hair Re-Growth Machines
  • Aleena & Adeena laser machines (Vaginal Rejuvenation Laser Machines with minimally invasive treatment)
  • Laser hair removal machines and so on.
  • Training and Education

Dermatology Equipment in uae | Dermatology products in uae | Bioskin uae | Neuronox in UaeWe are giving advanced training on our machines and we provide certificates for those who complete the training successfully. We also conduct training sections on our machine sand other medical topics with internationally famous doctors.

Training will have two portions,

A clear and advanced lecture with easy understanding presentations followed by the topic related real practical on how to use the machine and how to do proper treatments.

We thereby aiming for a quality lecture on the aesthetics and medical fields to all our customers. We strongly believe in gaining and spreading knowledge which will make us improve ourselves and to explore more to the next level.

  • Maintenance, After Sales Support & Service

dermatology equipments in uae | dermatology products in uae | Maria Trading® has a well- established After Sales & Service team under the Engineering Unit. After-Sales & Service provides the planning, installation, and maintenance of medical equipment including diagnostic for various systems by highly qualified and well-trained engineers. In addition, the department provides 24/7 of the consulting services and other After Sales Services. Service representatives participate in regular manufacturer and in-house training programs and receives specialized instructions in areas ensuring optimal service performance and maintenance management.
The department has successfully combined personal expertise with the demands of the secondary markets for healthcare-related assets to create a company offering professional skills, knowledge, and expertise within the medical equipment marketplace.
Moreover, we have a dedicated workshop where minor and major repairs are being serviced.

Select & Relax

Maria Trading® providing ‘Select and relax’ service. Simply, this service allows you to select a maintenance package and let our qualified engineers to do the rest.
For each package, we will provide you a full report of the work been done, before/after pictures, quotations, fast delivery service, and warranty period according to the selected package.

Yearly Contracts

Maria Trading® provides a yearly maintenance contract(s). Customers now can easily select the desired maintenance package(s) and our management will arrange a full maintenance contract according to the selected package(s).

Agreement contract will contains the following:

1- Machine name(s).
2- Serial number(s).
3- Agreement content and obligations.
4- Dates and signatures (for both parties).
5- Terms and conditions.

  • Logistics & Delivery

We are offering a doorstep delivery option globally and thus make sure our customer get the best service and support.

We ship with FedEx & DHL

• An extensive range of International Express services for items weighing between 0.5kg to 1,000kg
• Delivery to over 220 countries and territories worldwide
• Provides the reliable delivery and support you need