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Laser Hair Removal

With the all new Soft & Safe hair removal, now it is very easy for hair removal in a very handy way. Soft & Safe is an intense pulsed light device best-known treatment in beauty field around the world for more than 20 years. It has achieved millions of positive feedback’s from users. It’s a kind of professional, safe and painless treatment.

IPL or intense pulsed light, hair removal is a method of removing bodily hair using focused light, and is one of the most effective methods available of permanent hair reduction. The IPL device produces hundreds of wavelengths of light, which travel through dermis, which is used to focus the light on the area to be treated.

The light targets the pigment in hairs, heating up the follicle and damaging the cells that cause hair growth. The hair is then prevented from growing any further.

It is an alternative to the traditional hair removal methods of shaving.

2 Responses to Laser Hair Removal is not a big deal now
  1. Hi
    Can you please advise the side effect , and is it using with oily skin!
    Pleass advise range of price, and it is avilable inside Iraq!
    What the time for deliver to Basra

    Thanks in advance

    • Greetings from Maria Trading!
      Thanks for showing your interest in our product.
      We have our team in Iraq and kindly give your contact details so that our Medical sales person can contact you soon and he will clear all your doubts and will give you more information and working of this product.
      Thanks !


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