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Maria Trading was established in 2004 and has since evolved to become one of the UAE's major providers of cosmetic machines and medical devices. As a result of our incredible experience, internship program was formed. To prepare our trainees for lucrative professions in different Industry, we focus on Medical-Based aesthetic Training, medical device engineering, IT and Graphic design which teaches true clinical esthetician procedures, basic knowledge about medical devices, marketing strategies of aesthetic industry and knowledge about IT & Graphics. Our facility and highly qualified employees can help you achieve your goal of being a clinical/expert esthetician or marketing expert or IT expert anywhere in the world.

To begin your career Our internship program is unique  that it not only prepares you for employment in different Industry’s, but it also offers Business Success Training for individuals interested in starting their own business or progressing in their field.

    • Who We Are

      Our parent company, Maria Trading Sharjah, UAE is a major trendy machine provider in the UAE, with branches in seven emirates as well as Iraq and Muscat. We planned to begin the internship program after the facility's great success and client demand.

    • What We Do

      We believe that everyone has their unique style, and we are dedicated to assisting you, our clients, in expressing it! Furthermore, we are confident in our ability to get anything you require if it is not available on-site, based on our education and experience.


      As we all know, the demand for beauty therapists, product specialist, marketing specialist and IT specialist is on the rise these days, so this is our sincere attempt to provide a platform for those who truly want to make a name for themselves in the industry and benefit from a variety of opportunities. We provide our trainees with an education that includes the most up-to-date techniques, trends, and methods. Our vision is to produce expert with extraordinary knowledge

    1. Training

      We offers complete basics & in-depth knowledge of aesthetic, marketing and IT training over various courses and procedural preparation in feel that permits participants to gain abilities through involved training from our regarded instructors. After effective finishing of training, you will get a certificate of completion just as the honor of the credit for every one of the projects. We have over 17 years of experience in the manufacturing & distribution of aesthetic devices internationally. You will learn through our procedural preparing the most recent norm of laser treatment, PRP, etc., we comprehend that the venture preparing is vital to our participants and have established a learning climate that is helpful for acquiring a full comprehension of the course themes and the capacity to be directed to secure the specialized abilities to regulate this tasteful methodology. The aesthetic training offered by Maria Trading include the following:

    2. Our Training Courses

      Upgrade your abilities, get the most recent logical information, trade thoughts, and be sure with the most recent technological advancements in the industry.

      *all the  medical device related courses covers only basics  & in-depth knowledge about the working of machines, technical aspects, machine procedures and marketing tricks..

      • Sales and marketing
      • Mesotherapy and micro needling
      • derma filler
      • PRP training
      • Botox training
      • Face thread lifting training
      • Medical device engineering
      • Graphic design
      • IT

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    Maria Trading, Sharjah, UAE supports Graduates/ Professionals in undergoing an internship training program in Sales and marketing, Mesotherapy and micro needling, derma filler, PRP training ,Botox training ,Face thread lifting training ,Medical device engineering , Graphic design ,IT

    The internship program is offered to students with the following objectives:

    • To expose Graduates/ Professionals to the industrial environment.
    • To provide possible opportunities to learn, understand and sharpen the real-time technical /managerial skills required at the job.
    • To expose Graduates/ Professionals to the current technological developments relevant to the subject area of training.
    • Learn to apply Technological knowledge in real industrial situations.
    • Gain experience in writing Technical reports/projects.
    • Expose Graduates/ Professionals to the engineer’s responsibilities and ethics.
    • Familiarize with various machines, processes, products, and their applications along with relevant aspects of quality control.


    Internship Duration and Academic Credentials:

    The following framework is proposed to give Training and certificate for the internship undergone as part of the program.

    • The internship period would be 1 monthand the intern can choose any of the programs as per the interest
    • Intern must be a graduate and must have knowledge in the following or related field of study: 
    • A full-time intern is expected to spend 8 hours per day on Internship Training and activities 
    • Internships may be full-time; they must be present full-time in the sessions. MT is flexible to adjust internship duration. Therefore, opportunities must be provided for experiences that cannot be anticipated when planning the course.


    The following are the benefits of Internship Program:

    Benefits to the Apprentice:

    • An opportunity to get hired by the Industry/ organization.
    • Practical experience in an organizational setting and learning new skills
    • A key opportunity to gain professional work experience and teamwork skills
    • The opportunity to learn on the job, work on real-life projects, and apply the learning directly to your studies
    • The opportunity to be mentored by colleagues who are significantly experienced in their field
    • The opportunity to acquire career-relevant skills
    • Helps them decide if the industry and the profession is the best career option to pursue.
    • This gratuitous internship program will help the apprentice to explore by opening up a wide variety of opportunities and having a passion for the career.
    • The intern will get a certificate of completion

    Benefits to Industry:

    • Availability of ready-to-contribute candidates for employment. 
    • Year-round source of highly motivated pre-professionals
    • Interns bring new perspectives to problem-solving.