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PRP-HA KIT is a redefined innovation in aesthetic, gynecological and andrological medicine that combines two treatment concepts in one for natural results. PRP-HA KIT is a synergistic association of autologous Platelet Rich Plasma and Hyaluronic Acid. PRP-HA KIT contains hyaluronic acid (non cross linked 16mg/ml) acts as a temporary dermal substitute, PRP stimulates the surrounding cells. The combination renders better contouring and seems to accelerate the cellular regeneration, also making the combination the right tool for tissue hydration.

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PRP Combined with Hyaluronic Acid improves tissue quality, tissue firmness and is ideal for face rejuvenation, Gynecology rejuvenation and Andrology rejuvenation.


  • Safe
  • Time efficient
  • Convenient


  • G-Spot enchancement (O-Shot)
  • Intimate area rejuvenation
  • Ovarian Energisement
  • Mens Sexual enchancement (P-Shot)

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