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H1 Vascular Lesion Therapy

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H1 Diode Laser 980 nm is a perfect addition to physician’s vascular practice. The diode laser 980 nm expands vascular treatment options with exceptional results in the Vascular Medicine. Features of H1 diode laser 980 nm: No bleeding, non-invasive 2. No burning, redness or scar 4. Fast results 5. Accurate treatment 6. Adjustable power (0.1-15 W ) . 7. Portable and compact machine .

It produces photo-coagulation. This graph shows Absorption coefficient  of tissue chromphores by  different Lasers at different wavelengths .

The H1 Diode Laser targets the chromophore, Hemoglobin,  that shows a much higher absorption coefficient at 980nm. Thus 980nm diode laser has the ideal effects on the treatment of vascular lesions. When laser energy  is being absorbed by hemoglobin, it produces thermal energy that spreads to endothelial cells in the blood vessel walls  where they get damaged and vascular lesions will be treated.