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Lipolase is a 1060nm Diode Laser system is a laser-based, non-invasive treatment that’s used to target and reduce or eliminate unwanted body fat. It works for both men and women and on a variety of body types. The specific 1060nm wavelength laser mainly target the adipose tissue to reduction of stubborn fat in area such as “love handles”, flanks, abdomen, and thighs. It is not like traditional weight loss way to reduce the fat cell size. 1060nm diode laser is really fat loss technology to decrease the fat cell numbers.

Treatment Areas

  1. Arms
  2. Upper Abdomen
  3. Inner Thighs
  4. Lower Abdomen
  5. Back
  6. Lover Handles
  7. Saddlebags
  8. Lower Legs

Highly efficient wavelength for
controlled energy delivery
Over time, the body naturally eliminates the fat cells
Selective wavelength to target
fat cells below the dermis

Comparison with Cryolipolysis

Comparison 1060nm Diode laser Cryolipolysis
How Long does it take? 25 minutes for one area 1 hour per area treated
What areas can be treated? Four applicators allow individualized
treatment including: abdomen, flanks (love
handles), inner thighs and back
Treatable areas are limited due to the
design of the applicator
How many areas can be treated at once? One large area or multiple smaller areas
to be treated at once
One applicator means only one large area
can be treated at a time
Will there be side effects? None reported and there is no downtime after treatment Swelling, bruising numbness and occasionally pain, shelving layers of fat can be produced
Will it hurt? Non-suction applicator is usually well tolerated Applicator is suction based and post procedure massage can be very uncomfortable


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