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Janovia Body Contour Gel 50ml

Janovia Body Contour Gel, (BCG) is sterile, transparent gel of stabilized hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin. the product have a pH of 6~7.5. Janovia Body Contour Gel is designed deep tissue implantation and differ with respect to the physical structure of the gel.

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Janovia Body Contour Gel is supplied in plastic syringes with luer-lock, Each syringe is t erminally moist heat sterilized in its package and packed in a PET tray and tyvek sealing in a paper carrion.
The product is for single use only. The volume contained in each syringe is as stated on the outer package. A patient record label is a part of the syringe label and extra labels are provided in the package. These labels are to be attached to the patient records to ensure traceability of the product.


Janovia Body Contour, is intended to be used for volume restoration and contouring of body surfaces. The product is not intended for facial tissue augmentation. In general, deep subcutaneous administration is recommended. For this product sufficient tissue cover and support are important parameters to achieve a good aesthetic outcome. A minimum of 1 cm skin thickness, including subcutaneous fat, is usually required to attain good results. The injection should be made by physicians who have thorough knowledge of anatomy of the treatment site and are experienced with injection techniques in the relevant area. The treatment facility must be suitable for performance of aseptic procedures.


Janovia Body Contour, act by adding volume to the tissue, thereby restoring and enhancing and enhancing body contours. The peoduct will be degraded over time.