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OCTOLINE-2 is the newest and most versatile device multifunctional for cosmetic dermatology treatments – ultrasound for face and eyes (skin rejuvenation), ultrasound spatula (massage, lift and clean skin), iontophoresis (increased absorption of active ingredients)

Why iontophoresis?

Because five minutes of iontophoresis are equivalent to at least an hour to rub cream on the skin. This is because the speed of introduction of active substances into the skin by iontophoresis is tens of times higher than simple diffusion when applied to the skin creams. Introduction of biologically active ions in the skin rejuvenates the skin by activating cell metabolism and local blood circulation.

The salt, when dissolved in water, dissociates into sodium positive ions and negative ions and the solution conduct electricity. Similarly our bodies conduct electricity because the substances found in organic liquids are ionized.

Applying an electric field via two electrodes placed on the skin, place the skin under the positive electrode positive ions and negative ions in the negative. This is called iontophoresis. Iontophoresis is part of galvanic stimulation.

Cosmetic took advantage of accumulated scientific knowledge in medicine and used to treat skin galvanotherapy. Electricity is used for both its physiological effects on blood circulation and to “inject” active substances into the skin where they are needed.

1. Ultrasound (SONO + ultrasonic)


American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery says – “New formulas found in the field of skin care used along with ultrasound, allowing deeper penetration of agents in certain portions of skin rejuvenation. The results are significant improvements in skin aesthetics. ”

Ultrasonic Spatula (SONO) is a multifunctional ultrasound device – including peeling (peeling with ultrasound), ultrasonic massage and introducing of active substances into the skin.

Effects of ultrasound treatment:

  • increases elasticity and skin tone
  • fade scars
  • increases the production of collagen and elastin
  • stimulate circulation in the area.

Ultrasound massage (ULTRASON) is a new technology in skin resurfacing progressively non-invasive and painless. This therapy activates cells, rejuvenate skin fibers effectively preventing skin aging process.

After treatment the skin is firmer, smoother and wrinkles are reduced.

Ultrasonic cleaning is done with a special spatula that effectively removes dead cells. The result is being able to notice a remarkably clean and smooth immediately. The process is completely non-invasive and can be applied on all skin types even the most sensitive one.

Indications for ultrasound therapy:

  • acne
  • fine lines and wrinkles
  • Couperose
  • dark circles
  • cellulite.
2. Oxy Jet Peeling

Description of oxygen treatment:

–  Aging, manifested by loss of elasticity, reduce skin hydration and vitality, is inevitable. Water and oxygen are elements that we need cost for cell regeneration to rebuild and revitalize the body.

– Oxy Jet Peeling is an advanced technology applied to ensure the infusion of water and oxygen at supersonic speeds, penetrate deep into the dermal layers, regenerating and revitalizing skin’s natural elasticity. Rapid improvement is observed even after a single treatment.

– Oxygen is a special catalytic properties. Studies show that topical products used, need approx. 8:00 to penetrate the skin, and in many cases, not all epidermal layers are reached. Oxy Jet Peel skin products penetrate deeper into ½-1hr only. Another advantage with oxygen infusion systems is that accelerate healing after more invasive treatments such as laser hair removal, tattoos or permanent makeup.

Oxy Jet Peel works on 5 levels simultaneously:

Deep cleaning: using oxygen, water and vitamins at supersonic speed for gentle skin cleaning deposits, causing a glowing skin.

Exfoliation: dead layers of skin are removed comfortable, restoring vibrancy and brightness of the skin.

Hydration: powered jet contains water, oxygen and vitamins, moisturizing, soothing and comforting skin giving a feeling.

Oxygen: oxygen and vitamins infused with deep penetration into the dermal layer. Skin vitality is shown, the skin receives vital to create collagen, the structural element for elasticity and skin vitality.

Micro movement: Oxy Jet Peel spread water and oxygen with supersonic speed on the skin that creates an improved micro circulation to the area.


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