1. Real Top Hat Mode and complete Beam Quality technologies were implemented by internal and external researchers consisting of 50 scholars. And it is very effective in Laser Toning and overall treatment of Pigment Leison.

2. The best output of 1.3J in the country has shown stable output under Freg of 10Hz and Spot Size of 10mm.
So compared to other equipment, It has shown dramatic result of procedure and more speedy than the other device.

3. H / P combined Zoom and collimation function maximizes stability and convenience of practitioners
Because there is not necessity to replace during treatment for all lesions.

4. Cosjet-TR made by best technology is the smallest and compact design’ Q-SW Nd:
YAG Laser in the world and it helps mobility and minimize inconvenience in use of space to users.


Cosjet Laser Toning

- Melasma
- Ota Nevus
- Acne/Pore Size

Epidermal Lesion

- Age Sopt
- S.K (Seborreic Keratosis)
- Freckle
- Cafe au lait

Dermal Lesion

- Tatto lnk
- Blue Nevu


Irradiation Type
Electrical Requirement
Power Consumption
Repetition Rate
Spot Size
Pulse Duration
Maximum Energy
Beam Deliver
Device Cooling
Radiation Control
Class of Laser
Parameter Memory
Power Supply

Flash Lamp-excited Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser
AC220V(50/60Hz Single Phase)
1064nm & 532nm, Free Running Mode
220X490X750mm(W X D X H)
Single, 1~10Hz
2~10mm(7~9mm Collimated)
6ns(Q/SW), 300μs (FR Mode)
532nm-500mJ, 1064nm-1000mJ, FR Mode-1800mJ
Articulated Arm
Air & Water Cooling System
Foot Switch
Class 4
TFT Color LCD, Touch Screen
Save and Edit up to 300 Parameters
Half-bridge Parallel-loaded Resonant Converter